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Gum Swamp OFWB Church History

Our church is located about nine miles west of the city limits of Greenville, NC, and one mile north of Belvoir in Pitt County.  The original church was established in the late 1750’s in the Conetoe settlements of what was then Beaufort County (Pitt County was not created until 1761).  Along with the Grimsley and Wheat Swamp churches, Gum Swamp was a branch of the Little Creek Mission center founded by Joseph Parker on Little Contentnea Creek in the mid 1750’s.  The founder of the church was William Parker who, along with his cousin, Joseph Parker, provided pastoral duties for the congregation until his death in 1794.  During the formative years of her development, Gum Swamp remained faithful to the teachings of William and Joseph Parker, and today is known as the third oldest Original Free Will Baptist Church in North Carolina.

Founded in Faith,  Growing in God’s Word, Sharing His Love

The present building was erected in 1948, with the classroom addition being built in 1959.  The church later built its parsonage to house the families of its pastors in 1967.  The fellowship hall was added to the church grounds in 1975.  The old sanctuary was purchased by the Harris family and is now located on their farm (approximately one mile from the church).  The church at present owns about 15 acres in hopes of continuing to expand our church facilities.

There is a great heritage here at Gum Swamp.  We have fond memories of all those who have come before and presented the Gospel of Christ in our community for over 250 years.  We are committed to sharing the teachings of our ancestors, but we have our eyes fixed on Jesus and set on the future.  We accept the challenge and the responsibility of continuing the work of the Lord and growing God’s Kingdom here on earth, as we continue to pass on the Good News for our current members and the generations that are yet to come here at Gum Swamp Church.