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Pastor Freddie Pierce

Pastor Freddie Pierce has been speaking and sharing God’s good news for over 30 years.  He has served as a youth pastor, an associate pastor and a senior pastor, throughout all of these many years. Freddie has traveled extensively through out the United States and around the world doing mission work too. He has traveled to Mexico, the Dominican Republic and four mission trips to the desert of Tanzania, Africa. Only through the precious grace of God, Freddie has been a part of over 600 people receiving Christ for the first times in their lives. Freddie says that he is very excited about coming to be the Pastor at Gum Swamp. He says that he believes that great days are in store for Gum Swamp Church with Christ leading all of the way!

Charles Tucker, Music Director

Charles has lived in the Belvoir community all of his life.  He gave his life to Jesus at this church in 1970 and began serving as Gum Swamp’s Choir Director in May of 1999.  Charles is a farmer by trade and enjoys singing and playing the guitar. He firmly believes that music helps to set the tone of the worship service and allows Jesus to speak to you individually. He encourages everyone to lift their voices in song as a means of worshiping God and allowing Him to speak to your hearts through the message in song.  Gum Swamp has a very active choir.  Charles invites anyone from 6th grade to age 100 to join us.  He wants you to put a smile on your face, open up your heart, and let your God-given talent be used!